Home Improvement 

specific projects

Mahogany Deck with hatch to basement

skilled trades

Termite Party.  Saved the garage just in time


Ext siding inside? why not. Concrete partition

PORCELENOSA Tiles are sleek - testing grout

Jack Handy

Simple Pool Deck

Concrete Tile siding and 5 Bathrooms and Kitchen

Designing your project visually, in order to obtain details, cut sheets, specs, otherwise not foreseen.

Replacing Basement Venting Frames

Carpentry, masonry, plaster, painting, basic plumbing, furniture.


Custom Concrete Lamp - advanced mold making

Summer Bump Out

In the trenches

creative planning

Creative brainstorming and gathering information about your project so the wisest decisions are made.​


Custom Tables

Custom concrete

Hand-made Mexican Tile, Marble top


Kitchen on a budget can still be nice

Dado joinery on "Cubist" Bookshelf. 5/4 Pine always looks better and never bows. 15' high

Who are these people that award me for my concrete?


Another This Old House Cover.


Custom Stairs from scratch

Go big with your case molding

new ceiling, new roof, new lighting

Move walls, bookshelves, tables, shelves, decks, new kitchen, new bathroom, hardwood floors, tile, painting, etc.


One of many, many trough sinks

Cool coffee table - tolerances leave little room for error.