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I believe in a unique and customized renovation experience for each and every client.

Each customer is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help you achieve your complete vision - the essential "you".  

Jack Handy

Christian Lincoln has over 20 years of renovation and home building experience. He is also the founder of an award winning architectural and decorative concrete company, www.countercultureconcrete.com

"I write my review as the daughter of a building superintendent and the step-daughter of a professional builder, as well as a former freelance writer of articles about home design and building. 

The challenge was to find someone to take care of the small repairs in our apartment, since we are too busy to do them ourselves. As you probably know, New York is full of hack-job handymen who will charge you exorbitant rates for work that falls apart, and therefore I searched high and low for someone who was up to standard.  I eventually  found Jack Handy through a Groupon deal. I hired Christian (aka Jack Handy) to replaster our peeling bathroom ceiling, recaulk our entire bathroom and install a track light. 

He was outstanding in every aspect  -- he showed up on time, was courteous and friendly, had all the tools necessary to do the job properly, gave advice on follow-up care, and even stayed extra time to familiarize himself with the newfangled light fixture's hardware. I mean, you really can't ask for better service than this. This is the man I would hire and hire again for home repair. I would recommend him to anyone."

          -- Allegra M


"Just had another great experience with Christian and wanted to leave him a review.  I'm a real estate broker and I've been using him to help get my apartments ready to sell or rent.  He's my go to guy now because he knows how to fix basically everything and that's a huge relief for me, especially since he gets things done within the time frame that I need.  Over the past couple of years, Christian has removed wallpaper, painted plenty of rooms, replaced bathroom vanities, removed cabinets, removed carpet, patched up multitudes of holes, replaced a washer & dryer, built shelves and cabinets and fixed cracks in the wall of a new apartment.  Most recently he built a shelving system for a closet.  If you need a reliable contractor who can get the job done right the first time, I would highly recommend Christian."

          -- Scott K


"I needed a Handy Man and had idea who to turn to.  Calling Jack Handy NYC was the best thing I could do, it was a great experience!  Christian is honest and that is so important when your a woman who knows nothing about fixing anything!  His work was superior and he transformed an old ugly stair way into a pleasant space.  Best of all he was within my budget.
If you need any type of handy work done look no further, call Jack Handy!  Excellent and First Rate work!"

          --Joanna D